Friday, March 2, 2012

U name it

I was walkin back to the hotel room Finally tired of that sleazy saloon Tired of getting throwed out of there too When the figure materialized out of the gloom His eyes burned red like cherried coals He stood as if he had nowhere to go Like he belonged, owned the world whole And i could see he wouldnt move outta my road Well i didnt like him, an he didnt like me It was plain as day, obvious to see And one of us had to die, naturally We couldnt cohabitate this town in peace We faced each other about forty yards off In the dark someone bagan to cough The shots were loud, my gun was hot As each of my bullets found their spot This story is true; i wouldnt lie Its scarce believable, i'll tell ya why Every bullet hit him 'tween the eyes But the bastard stood there and never died I said,"Now i've earned my kill, And i am gonna bury up top of boot hill, With a gun he may have had skill And i'll bury you with your boots if you will" We shot it out then and there A an unforgettable battle i swear Sweat had matted all my hair And bloods metallic scent filled the air He looked at me on the ground, this goon Walked over, knelt, and healed my wounds Said we'd meet again real soon And dropped a comment on about playing spoons When i woke up, my head hurt like hell Reason to believe last night was swell And i'll drink more when i feel well Guess ill have some taco bell My head swimming with visions incredible Making me feel somewhat invincible As i think about gettin something edible I wonder how many rounds i went with the Devil

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